EESC Information Newsletter - March 2023

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 577th Plenary Session of the European Economic and Social Committee. We have planned four important debates, which I am sure will be of interest to you. 

The first three debates will be held on Wednesday 22 March 2023, respectively : 

  • at 3 p.m., with Kadri Simson, Commissioner for Energy, on Beyond the crisis: which way forward for the EU energy policy?
  • at 3.50 p.m., with Marina Elvira Calderone, Minister of Labour and Social Policies of Italy, on Towards strong, inclusive and resilient labour markets in the European Union
  • and at 5.30 p.m., with Ambassador Lachezara Stoeva, President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, on Building partnerships with civil society to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs

The fourth debate will be held on Thursday, 23 March 2023 at 9 a.m., with Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Values and Transparency, Daryna Onyshko, President of the European Democracy Youth Network, Brikena Xhomaqi, Co-chair of the Liaison group with European civil society organisations and networks, Liina Carr, Confederal Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Ken Godfrey, Executive Director of the European Partnership for Democracy and Helfried Carl, Partner and co-founder of The Innovation in politics Institute and founder of the European Capital of Democracy initiative. We will discuss the topic of United for democracy: employers', workers' and civil society's organisations working for a sustainable democratic future

I will be glad to welcome you at our plenary session. To that end, I invite you to use webstreaming, which will allow you to follow all the votes and discussions remotely.

Best regards,

Christa Schweng
EESC President

The EESC plenary session on social media: to take part in the online discussions, follow @EU_EESC or the hashtag #EESCplenary. You can also post on our Facebook page via where the plenary session is announced. Don't forget that the plenary session is also streamed. Are your networks and organisations interested in our discussions? Let them know! 

News from the ESCs/EESC

  • EESC/Spanish ESC: Save-the-date: The 2023 annual meeting of presidents and secretaries-general of the EESC and the national ESCs of the EU will be held on 16-17 November in Madrid

Some appointments within the ESCs (since beginning of 2023): 

  • CES Luxembourg: Mr Steve Heiliger is the new president of the Luxembourg ESC for the 2023-2025 period. 
  • MCESD Malta: Mr David Xuereb is the new president of MCESD. 
  • CNEL Italy: Mr Francesco Tufarelli is the new secretary-general of CNEL. 

Main opinions to be discussed during the upcoming session (22-23 March 2023)

  • State of the Energy Union 2022 (TEN/791), Mr Nowacki (PL-I) - Mr Pagliara (IT-II) - Mr Ribbe (DE-III) 
  • Strengthening the role and independence of equality bodies (SOC/750), Ms Merlo (IT-II) & Ms Holst (DK-III) 
  • Revision of the Design Directive and Regulation (INT/1008), Mr Wyckmans (BE-II) 
  • Listing rules for public markets (Listing Act) (ECO/602), Mr Kupšys (LT-III) 
  • Wooden construction for CO2 reduction in building sector (exploratory opinion requested by the Swedish Presidency) (TEN/794), Mr Kolbe (AT-III) & Mr Hägglund (SE-II) 
  • Ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020 (evaluation report) (INT/974), Mr Lobo Xavier (PT-I) 
  • Carbon Removal Certification (NAT/887), Mr Tchoukanov (BG-III) 
  • EU strategy on fertilisers (NAT/888), Mr Puech D'alissac (FR-I) 

Main opinions adopted during the previous session (22-23 February 2023)

  • Summary of adopted opinions 
  • Instant payments regulation (INT/1005), Mr Lefèvre (FR-II) 
  • Communication on orientations for a reform of the EU economic governance framework (ECO/597), Mr Andersson (SE-I) & Ms Biegon (DE-II) 
  • Annual Sustainable Growth Survey 2023 (ECO/599), Mr Lobo Xavier (PT-I) 
  • Energy Policy and the labour market (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/718), Ms Barrera Chamorro (ES-II) 
  • Supporting labour market developments (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/722), Ms Mincheva (BG-I) 
  • Integrated water management – revised lists of surface and groundwater pollutants (NAT/878), Mr Schwartz (FR-III) 
  • Revision of EU ambient air quality legislation (NAT/879), Mr Kupšys (LT-III) 

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