EESC Information Newsletter - January 2022

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Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I would like to wish you a lot of success and good health in this New Year, which meets us straight away with a lot of challenges, some of which we will touch upon during the EESC's first 2022 Plenary Session.

The first half of 2022 is a time of the French Presidency of the Council of the EU, which is why on Wednesday, January 19, we will hold a debate on its priorities, with Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs in the French Government.

Also on Wednesday, I invite you to follow a discussion related to the European Year of Youth 2022, with the participation of Anne Kjær Bathel, representing the European Young Leaders' programme, Joe Elborn, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum, and Miriam Teuma, President of the European Steering Committee for Youth, Council of Europe.

I will be glad to welcome you at our plenary session. To that end, I invite you to use webstreaming, which will allow you to follow all the votes and discussions remotely.

Best regards,

Christa Schweng
EESC President

The EESC plenary session on social media: to take part in the online discussions, follow @EU_EESC or the hashtag #EESCplenary. You can also post on our Facebook page via where the plenary session is announced. Don't forget that the plenary session is also streamed. Are your networks and organisations interested in our discussions? Let them know!


News from the ESCs/EESC

Main opinions to be discussed during the upcoming session (19-20 January 2022)

  • Innovative financial instruments as part of the development of social impact companies (exploratory opinion requested by the French Presidency) (INT/965), Mr Guerini (IT – III)
  • Next Generation SME Strategy (own-initiative opinion) (INT/947), Ms Angelova (BG – I)
  • Industrial ecosystems, strategic autonomy and well-being (exploratory opinion requested by the French Presidency) (INT/964), Ms Parthie (DE – I)
  • Revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) (ECO/565), Mr Back (SE – I)
  • The benefits of the outermost regions for the European Union (exploratory opinion requested by the French Presidency) (ECO/567), Mr Destom (FR – III)
  • Euro area economic policy 2022 (ECO/568), Mr Sipko (SK – III)
  • Towards a new care model for the Elderly: learning from the Covid-19 pandemic (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/687), Mr Cabra de Luna (ES – III)
  • Rule of law and the recovery fund (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/692), Mr Bäumler (DE – II)
  • Social dialogue as a tool to promote health and safety at work (exploratory opinion requested by the French Presidency) (SOC/703), Ms Salis-Madinier (FR – II)
  • NAIADES III (TEN/752), Mr Szymański (PL – II)
  • Food security and sustainable food systems (exploratory opinion by the French Presidency) (NAT/844), Mr Puech d’Alissac (FR – I)



Main opinions adopted during the previous session (8-9 December 2021)

  • Summary of adopted opinions
  • Guidance / Code of practice on disinformation (INT/955), Mr Libaert (FR – III)
  • Beyond GDP measures for a successful recovery and a sustainable and resilient EU economy (own-initiative opinion) (ECO/551), Mr Dandea (RO – II)
  • The role of corporate taxes in corporate governance (ECO/552), Mr Andersson (SE – I)
  • Anti-Money Laundering Legislative Package (ECO/555), Mr Doz Orrit (ES – II)
  • Renewed sustainable finance strategy (ECO/559), Ms Vorbach (AT – II)
  • EU green bond standard (ECO/560), Mr Von Brockdorff (MT – II)
  • Volunteers – Citizens building the future of Europe (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/688), Mr Pater (PL – III)
  • Decent work for young people and inclusion of NEETs through NRPs (own-initiative opinion) (SOC/689), Ms Merlo (IT – II)
  • Emerging stronger from the pandemic (SOC/700), Mr Wróblewski (PL – I)
  • European Year of Youth 2022 (SOC/706), Mr McLoughlin (IE – III)
  • Non-standard employment and platform cooperatives (own-initiative opinion) (CCMI/182), Mr Guerini (IT – III)
  • How REIIs (Resources and Energy Intensive Industries) can take advantage of the EU Recovery Plan in their socially acceptable transition towards de-carbonisation and digitalisation (own-initiative opinion) (CCMI/183), Mr Barceló Delgado (ES – I)
  • Anticipation of structural and sectoral change and reshaping industrial cultures (own-initiative opinion – group II) (CCMI/184), Mr Kluge (DE – II)
  • Review of the Renewable Energy Directive (TEN/748), Mr Quarez (FR – II)
  • Review of the Energy Efficiency Directive (TEN/749), Ms Mastantuono (CZ – I)
  • Social Climate Fund (TEN/759), Mr Kattnig (AT – II)
  • A strong transatlantic partnership (own-initiative opinion) (REX/534), Mr Moos (DE – III)


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