#LEuropaebella: Luca Jahier in conversation with the innovative minds of Europe

Welcome to this first conversation of #EuropeisBeautiful with Enrico Giovannini, economist and statistician, member of the Club of Rome.
On a regular basis, EESC President Luca Jahier will welcome, at the EESC, the House of Civil Society, some of the leading figures of our times, people who, day after day, work to bring about change. They are the shapers of the 21st century, the shapers of a Sustainable Europe. It is Europe@work, the Europe brings prosperity and progress. It is time to give a voice to that Europe, forge a new, positive narrative for Europe, and revive civic engagement for a sustainable European future. President Jahier is more and more convinced that what Europe needs today is a “rEUnaissance”. For all its limitations, Europe is still the best thing we can give our children. So let's see the glass half full rather than half empty and let those who want to still be the architects of Europe speak because #Europeisbeautiful.


Transcript of the video: Europe is Beautiful - Luca Jahier in conversation with Enrico Giovannini - 7 November 2018