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Transformer la situation, non pas pour les personnes handicapées, mais avec elles. C’est la demande que je porte auprès de vous. Je vous suis très reconnaissante d’avoir permis à cette conversation de se tenir et que le débat puisse s’ouvrir. Mais il ne faut pas en rester là. Il s’agit d’un mouvement plus vaste et je vous invite à le rejoindre, a déclaré Mme Burke au CESE en cette veille de la Journée internationale des personnes handicapées.

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Social dialogue is a pillar of the European social model that can be used to swiftly respond to crises and deal with their consequences. Yet in many countries it is still fragmented and takes place only occasionally


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The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) closed its October plenary session, the first of its new term of office, with an online debate on the "Recovery for the future of Europe" with contributions from the presidents of all main EU institutions, who reflected on the role that civil society can play to face the challenges Europe and the whole world are facing.

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United for the future of Europe: the new president is determined to rebuild the EESC's unity and reputation and demonstrate its added value in influencing policy shaping at EU level