Works to build an economic program, “Plan A: for an Economy for Life”, to meet the challenges of our post-covid society

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Spanish Council of Consumers and Users

At the beginning, I got heavily involved in this initiative: the Coronavirus Alliance The lockdown gave rise to a vibrant response and I was quickly recruited - once again by our dynamic VP Isabel Caño - to oversee the EESC’s response to the European Alliance Against Coronavirus, which is managed in a generous, flexible and forward-looking way by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

This is an open and cross-cutting space, which generated the first responses from industry, also drawing together the action of "makers" and really useful community proposals such as "Flatten the curve". Combined with a more strategic task of exploring European ecosystems and co‑creating solutions, on the basis of all three drivers that must underpin any future action: the environment, digitalisation and resilience.

But now I am focussing more on another initiative: Indeed, the harsh experience of COVID-19  has shown us that health and the economy are the two basic pillars for the well-being of the people who live on this planet. The world needs to rethink its economic model if it is to overcome this crisis, be prepared for future ones and support the existing business fabric to create millions of jobs.

The campaign includes a manifesto and the drafting of very practical proposals to the Congress of Deputies by highly qualified and representative working groups.

I am part of the promoter group and one of the first signatories; but the list is now very diverse. We are still at the drafting stage and I am in the finance, banking and sustainable investment group.

The individuals and organisations that have signed this document are committed to working to build an economic programme: "Plan A: for an Economy for Life", that is up to the challenges facing our society, because there is no life B or planet B.