Stimulated the sewing, packaging and distribution of masks

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Krzysztof PATER
National Scout and Guide Court of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP)

Serving the community is a completely normal thing for the scouts of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association to do. When taking their oath, scouts vow that on their honour they will do their best to help other people at all times. These words act as a compass for them, and guide them in their everyday activities.

Service simply means helping others, responding to the needs of their local communities. Before starting community service, they will fully identify these needs and learn the safety rules and regulations. Another important aspect is being emotionally ready to serve the community. Therefore, it is also about making scouts and guides aware of the needs of others, teaching them responsibility for their local environment and the skill of planning their work and activities precisely.

Scouts and guides provide community service every day, it comes naturally to them. During the coronavirus pandemic, it is only the scope of their actions that has changed. It's not only the scouts and guides of the PSGA who have got involved in community service, but their whole families as well.

We couldn't possibly count how many masks PSGA members have sewn. Seeing the need for protective equipment, scouts and guides leapt to action, sewing, packing and delivering masks in their home towns. They also took the initiative to print face shields using 3D printers.

Helping senior citizens, isolated people and people with disabilities is an important element of community service for scouts. Older scouts regularly shopped for essential food items which they then distributed to people in need to ensure that the people most at risk of illness did not need to leave their homes unnecessarily.

Scout leaders also took the initiative to teach online. They helped young people maintain continuity in their education and acquire the most important knowledge. And they didn't forget about the regular meetings of their troops and regiments, which, of course, have moved online.

The scouts and guides provided comprehensive service, which covered various, difficult to quantify, initiatives. What is important is that the scouts and guides of the PSGA demonstrated how important it is to help others without expecting anything in return.