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#NewCommission is here: Let’s now deliver a Sustainable Europe in the interest of its citizens

I want to congratulate the elected President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, for having built a strong College in such a short time. Mrs von der Leyen stood by her commitments to finalise a gender-balanced list of proposed Commissioners with strong credentials.

I have no doubt that this Commission is well equipped to deliver on the clear and ambitious policy guidelines set by President von der Leyen in front of the European Parliament in July.

The new Commission president's agenda for Europe, which included a Sustainable Europe Investment Plan, a Green Deal, gender equality and fundamental rights, is close to the priorities of the EESC.

The EESC firmly believes that it is high time for the EU to embrace and implement an ambitious sustainable agenda, which requires a shift in our mindsets. In our 'Sibiu' opinion earlier this year, we presented our vision for the EU to become a global leader in sustainable development calling for a new strategy, which takes a holistic and cross-sector policy approach centered on the European needs and sustainability to ensure that economic, social and environmental challenges are addressed jointly.

We took also good note of Von der Leyen's decision to launch a new push for European democracy through a Conference on the Future of Europe. Such Conference must be organised with the full involvement of the EESC, the house of civil society and therefore the EU institution that is closer to the citizens and the full expression of participatory democracy.

We now look forward to continuing the excellent cooperation between the Commission and the EESC, after the hearings, scheduled for the end of the month and we wish a successful start to the new College and its President.

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