Distributed 11 350 information packs in different languages and created the Strong Together platform

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Lithuanian Trade Union Alliance

The Lithuanian Carriers' Trade Union, together with the Lithuanian Trade Union Alliance, has been carrying out large-scale consultations and assistance campaigns for truck drivers. The trade union took initiative and distributed 11 350 information packs (in Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Russian, examples are attached) and over 450 units of disinfectant were distributed.

Meetings and talks with truck drivers working for Lithuanian companies have shown that workers did not receive proper attention and information from their employers. This included shortage of protective measures: disposable masks, disposable gloves, disinfectants for disinfecting hands and surfaces.

During the pandemic, the free movement of goods, as part of the EU internal market, hasn't shrunk – transportation rates have even risen to ensure delivery of goods to particularly infected areas, but there have been cases when truck drivers' salaries were cut. This therefore means that there are many job disputes and legal cases in relation to the pandemic situation in this sector.

At national level, trade unions were involved in the consultations at the Tripartite Council of Lithuania to agree on the support measures for businesses and workers, especially if they are on temporary leave or they are being pushed to leave their jobs.

In terms of citizens' initiatives, the on-line platform Strong Together has been created, where people can register to perform volunteer activities to help those who are in need of help: children, older people, people with disabilities.