Responding to the European Commission’s new Pact for Migration and Asylum

Statement by José Antonio Moreno Díaz, rapporteur of the EESC opinion about EU New Pact on Migration & Asylum


"This is - at first sight - a great and profound disappointment".

"The text of the Pact gives the impression that the EU is powerless and impotent to assume a realistic, orderly and effective common policy on migration and asylum that goes beyond the national interest of each member state".

The Commission package includes 10 specific legislative and non-legislative initiatives that insist on a vision of migration as a PROBLEM. They reiterate the same past mistakes on external border control and return of people who are in an irregular situation and the so-called hotspots. These initiatives have been deeply criticised since 2015.

The risk is that this proposal strengthens the xenophobic positions of the extreme right-wing forces in the EU and weakens the integration policy that should focus on the NORMALITY of migrations and their adequate and normal management.

"The Commission proposal is another lost opportunity to have developed both legal, effective and secure channels of labour immigration to the EU and to confirm a true COMMON EUROPEAN ASYLUM SYSTEM. Solidarity means protecting those who have sought refuge in the EU, guaranteeing their rights and complying with international law and a decent life for them and their families."