Reforms needed to re-launch Greek competitiveness

On Monday 3 October the Greek Economic and Social Committee (OKE) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), jointly organised the conference: Reforms needed to re-launch the Greek competitiveness which took place in Athens, in the premises of OKE.

The conference, which gathered together members of the EESC and OKE alongside representatives from the government, the social partners and the civil society, provided a unique opportunity for consultation regarding the socioeconomic reforms that Greece needs to carry out: the need for a new business environment and the social aspects of competitiveness, with a focus on employment, social security and the status of social services.

The EESC president, Georges Dassis addressed the participants with his opening speech mentioning first of all the importance of the social dialogue between the stakeholders saying that it would be of critical importance if a common ground could be found on a number of priorities to promote the ongoing reforms. Moreover, he stated that Europe2020 is an essential tool for all the citizens but especially for the young people that needs to be re-launched and offer programs such as the vocational and professional training.

Finally, president Dassis referred specifically to the initiatives taken by the EESC in response to the economic crisis, amongst them its opinion on the mutualisation of public debt, while he also stated that the loans that Greece was given were not used in favour of the real Greek economy but rather to repay the interest rates of the previous ones.

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