Press Release - Liberal Professions Day

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The event, entitled Liberal Professions 4.0.: Sustainable Transformation of Professional Features, aimed to gain fresh insight regarding a future-proof definition of the liberal professions in a digitalised professional world.

The meeting was opened by the President of the Diversity Europe Group, Arno Metzler. In their capacity as spokespersons of the Category of Liberal Professions and in line with adopted last year at the liberal professions conference in Rome, Mrs Calderone and Mr. Kolbe presented a summary of achievements and forthcoming action.

After the event, President Metzler and Spokespersons Calderone and Kolbe met with the President of the European Parliament Antonio TAJANI. They jointly discussed the next steps to infiltrate the common definition of liberal professions in the European law making process, in order to fully unfold their potential and thus improve the competitiveness of EU economy.

Learn more about the content of this event and have a read at a few interesting quotes through the press release of the Diversity Europe Group ! 


Press Release - Liberal Professions Day - 27 November