Presentation of the MobilGest project

The MobileGest platform, created in conjunction with the Spanish government, allows to carry out any administrative procedure required by the Spanish administration in many fields through mobile and digital signature. It is a platform that allows clients to interact with the administrative manager in real time through the application. Today 70% of administrative procedures in Spain, about 26 million per year, are finalised through this platform.

The MobileGest professional managers dealing with the administrative procedures have university qualifications in Law, Economics, Political Science, Business. While there are similar professions in other countries for specific sectors, in Spain the professional figures are multidisciplinary, dealing with several administrative procedures including requests of nationality, property management, criminal records, marriage certificates, tax, pension, benefits. Anybody can access the platform through a secure procedure, through authentication and verification by a fully certified and registered manager. Once the document is signed, a specific private code is introduced and the certificate is sent personally to the client in the cloud. 

The platform represents a very important step towards an active and transparent administration and digital citizenship, in line with the current EU legislation in the field, and the Spanish experience could be extended to any other EU Member State. It is a free service for citizens. The Spanish professional college of public managers contributes to this project and is managing to join forces with other associations.

You can see the video here

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