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Letter of Congratulations from President Jahier to David Sassoli, new President of the European Parliament

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Dear President, Dear David,

I would like to congratulate you on your election as President of the European Parliament, the institution that best represents our European democracy. In your inauguration speech, you illustrated a vision that I fully endorse.

The European project is a precious and essential asset, which must be cultivated and strengthened. In this particularly delicate moment, we need personalities like yours, who fully embody the European spirit. For this reason, your election is good news not only for Europe but also for Italy, a founding member of the European Union, which must continue to play an important role at European level.

As you yourself have pointed out, the European Union must tackle momentous and complex challenges: employment, climate and environment, migration flows, digitalisation.

The last European elections have confirmed the victory of those who want more, not less Europe. But European citizens are asking Europe to respond effectively to their concerns. We are, therefore, all called to quickly achieve concrete and tangible results, if we do not want to hand over Europe to the populists in five years time.

When I was elected President of the EESC in April 2018, I adopted a clear slogan, "rEUnaissance: Dare a sustainable Europe". Indeed, I am deeply convinced that Europe needs a true Renaissance, for its citizens and contribute to a new world order.

I have set three priorities for my Presidency: the sustainable development agenda, as it effectively balances economic growth, the environmental dimension and social inclusion; culture, because it is an engine of economic growth and because it is part of our heritage and our DNA; and finally peace, because it is the most precious asset that the European project has given us and because without it there can be neither prosperity nor progress.

Please find attached two important texts adopted by the EESC. The first contains the vision of the Committee in view of the recent Sibiu European Council of 9 May, which is also our roadmap for the European Parliament of which you are now the elected President. The second develops the priorities of my presidential term.

In renewing my esteem and maximum appreciation for your welcome victory today, I take this opportunity, dear President, to solicit a bilateral meeting with you in the coming weeks, also to strengthen and consolidate the excellent and fruitful cooperation between our two institutions.

Kindest regards,

Luca Jahier