Georges Dassis at the conference on Fiscal Europe and a budget for the euro area: utopia or necessity?

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The conference, organised by the CEPESS (Centre for economic and social policy studies) in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee, took place at the Committee on 21 March 2016. The Committee president took part in the opening session.


In his speech, Georges Dassis firstly emphasised the importance of taxation in our economic system and societies, also highlighting the fact that EU citizens were unfortunately not all equal in tax terms. More specifically, the tax burden increasingly weighed upon workers and small and medium-sized enterprises, while large multinationals often escaped tax.


The president also underlined the European Economic and Social Committee's unshakeable commitment to creating greater social and fiscal justice. He cited a number a Committee opinions in this regard, not least on combating tax fraud. He argued in particular that the European Union must introduce penalties for companies that continued to manage their affairs from tax havens, emphasising that the Member States must stop granting tax privileges to certain companies.