Executive Summary - Youngsters & the EU: Perceptions, Knowledge & Expectations

Carried out at the initiative of our Group, the executive summary  Youngsters and the EU – Perceptions, Knowledge and Expectations’  has been published today. 

The preliminary findings are a result of a combination of desk research, literature review and a survey. The aim is to find out how pupils between 14 and 18 years of age perceive the EU, their knowledge on the EU, their expectations and how open they are to European diversity. In order to achieve this aim, a survey was conducted among pupils in 5 EU Member States - France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Romania and in the European Schools in Brussels in the language sections corresponding to those countries. From the comparative analysis, the samples are composed of 501 pupils from national schools and 95 from European schools.

Do not hesitate to download the executive summary and stay tuned for more information on the outcomes and recommendations of the to-be-published full study and press conference on the topic ! 


Executive summary - Youngsters & the EU - Perceptions, Knowledge & Expectations