Declaration of G. Bischoff, on the proposed romanian reform of the social security system

President of the Workers' Group


On behalf of the Workers' Group, I would like to express our concern about the intention of the Romanian Government to profoundly reform the social security system, both in terms of financing and of benefits. It seems that starting from January 1st 2018, only the public pension system and the national health insurance fund will be kept. The other 4 components (the unemployment fund, the risk fund for occupational accidents and diseases, the guarantee fund for wage and claims and the fund for leaves and social security allowances) will remain without funding. Also form January 1st, 2018, the funding of the pension scheme and the health insurance fund will be fully taken over by the employees.

As Workers' Group we believe that the possible intention of the Romanian Government to transfer social contributions exclusively to employees goes against the Conventions and recommendation of the International Labour Organization nor the European Treaties and Regulations. Solidarity and social responsibility must be assumed in a balanced way and shared between employees and employers as show at European level and International level. Out of 119 countries with a social protection system in place and monitored, not even one has assigned entirely this burden exclusively to the employees.

On behalf of the Workers' Group I'm deeply concerned about this reform that could undermine decades of fight for social justice and solidarity, and for European citizens' right and liberties. Social protection must be an integral part of the economic and social model. Social security should facilitate the mobility and professional development of the workers. Our thoughts and solidarity go out to all Romanian representative trade unions.