Assembly of the "Grande Region" hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee

The EESC, home of organised civil society in Europe, had the opportunity to host the Assembly of the Economic and Social Committee of the "Grande Region" (CESGR) on Wednesday 11 May. The CESGR, founded in 1997, is located in Luxembourg and is made up of 36 members from four different regions: the Grand-Duchy of Luxemburg, Wallonia, the French and German-speaking Communities of Rhineland-Palatinate, and Sarre and Lorraine.

The Assembly took place in the presence of the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Georges Dassis, who had the pleasure of welcoming the members of the CESGR before the session opened. Alongside Mr. Dassis was the Minister of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation responsible for Agriculture, Nature, Forestry, Rural Affairs, Tourism and Sports, René Collin.

Mr Dassis congratulated the CESGR on its activities and the work it had accomplished to date, and agreed with Mr Collin that it was crucial today to mobilise the support of the people of Europe for European integration and, at the same time, to bring the European Union closer to its citizens.