Discovering hands

With the company poised to go international, CEO Frank Hoffmann says the award will be used to train new instructors.

EESC Info: Please explain what receiving this prize means for you and your organisation?

Discovering Hands: Discovering Hands aims to improve the quality of early breast cancer detection in a very human way by turning a disability into a life-saving gift, opening up a completely new field of work for the visually impaired.

The next challenge for Discovering Hands is to bring our well-developed model to other European countries - the EESC prize will help to open many new doors.

What advice would you give to other organisations in terms of achieving results with such activities and programmes?

A social enterprise should always be clear about its own business objective and strictly follow it. Then all efforts will be crowned with success.

How will you use this funding to provide further help in the community?

With the funding from the Civil Society Award, we will support the development of new fields of activity for our blind tactile examiners, e.g. training for tactile breast self-examination instructors.