Third Mobility Package should take all forms of transport into account

The new Commission proposal must go further, encompassing all available forms of transport. It should focus on intermodality in freight and passenger transport. In the opinion drafted by Giulia Barbucci and adopted at its October plenary session, the EESC backs the Third Mobility Package presented by the Commission but advocates a more ambitious project.

The EESC supports the Commission's proposal as a further step towards sustainable transport for Europe. However, Ms Barbucci said, "We encourage the Commission to look beyond road transport. To effectively develop sustainable and safe transport, all available forms of transport have to be taken into consideration. We need a more ambitious vision, encompassing intermodality between public and private transport as a way of reaching the goals of efficiency, quality of life and safety."

The Committee also urges the Commission to make sufficient funds available for the programme, supports the strategic action plans on road safety and batteries, and reminds the Commission of possible issues concerning full vehicle automation and the transition to electric vehicles.

In May 2018, the European Commission published its third "Europe on the Move" package, the latest of its contributions to the modernisation of European transport. The package focuses on road transport, in particular motor vehicle transport, together with the following three major elements: safety, connectivity and automation, and clean transport. (mp)