EESC calls for initiatives to seize the huge growth opportunities of the blue bioeconomy

The potential of the blue bio-economy remains untapped in the EU. The EESC therefore recommends pan-European pilot projects involving local stakeholders and the scientific community. 

At the request of the Finnish presidency, the EESC has drawn up an exploratory opinion on the Blue bioeconomy, which refers to economic activities based on the sustainable use of renewable aquatic resources and related expertise. The opinion was adopted at the EESC's October plenary session.

As the rapporteur Simo Tiainen explained, "Restoring the biodiversity of seas, lakes and rivers would open up new opportunities for businesses. This requires technological innovation and financial support through appropriate instruments."

The blue bioeconomy should become a focal point for the EU's cooperation programme with the United Nations and serve as a tool for achieving the climate change goals in the Paris Agreement. "This will require important efforts in restoring the biodiversity in marine and inland waters as well as in tapping their potential for CO2 capture. In this way we can also create quality jobs in rural, coastal and island areas", concluded co-rapporteur Henri Malosse. (mr)