By the EESC's Diversity Europe Group

As gender equality is set as a priority of the President-Elect of the European Commission and the EU Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Caregivers enters into the transposition phase, it is vital to review the interactions between gender equality, work-life balance, parenting, contemporary families, carers, assistance to disabled family members, ageing and demographics.

To look into the interactions between these issues, on 12 November the EESC's Diversity Europe Group held a high-level conference on New role models for societies in Europe, which was moderated by Ralph Sina, Director of the WDR/NDR Studio in Brussels.

Speakers included Virginija Langbakk, director of the European Institute for Gender Equality, Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Europe, and Dominique Boren, former President of the Network of European LGBTIQ* Family Associations (NELFA). 

One solution proposed by Arno Metzler, President of the Diversity Europe Group, was the establishment of a European Family Parliament, where all stakeholders could network and exchange best practices.

The presentations given by the speakers are available here