Five questions to Eleonora Di Nicolantonio

Eleonora Di Nicolantonio is the new Head of the EESC Communication Department as from 1 October 2018, taking over from Peter Lindvald-Nielsen.

  1. You are starting in your new position. What are your main objectives for the Communication Department?

The main objective for the Communication Department is to succeed in the challenging task of 'Communicating the Committee', using the various tools available, from the more traditional (press releases, newsletters, brochures, etc.) to the more recent (digital publishing, social media, etc.). The EESC is a unique institution in the EU panorama and the Communication Department, through its Press, On-line, Visits and Conferences units will keep on working hard to make the voice of civil society heard where it counts.

  1. What are your views on enhancing the visibility of the EESC in relation to the main EU challenges in 2019?

It is a troubled and interesting period for the Union, with the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework proposals (on which the EESC was the first institution to take a formal position), the upcoming European elections, and Brexit looming on the horizon. In view of all this, it is not only about the EESC's visibility, but also the EESC's potential to play an active and useful role via the work of its members and their valuable network of organisations. 

  1. What role would you like the EESC to develop during the campaign for the European elections?

The Communication Group has recently adopted a fully-fledged "communication action plan" linked to the European elections with various actions and projects (from the youth event to the going local visits). It is the uniqueness of the EESC that will enable our members to play a special role in the run-up to the elections, as they can simultaneously be multipliers (via their grass-roots networks), EU ambassadors and, why not, influencers!

  1. With your experience of working for many years at the Committee, how would you define the real strength of the EESC in comparison to other EU institutions?

At the risk of repeating myself, it is its members. As the authentic voice of organised civil society.

  1. What is your motto, the  fundamental principle which guides  your actions and your thoughts?

"Follow your heart, but take your brain with you!" (ehp)