ECI Minority SafePack presented at the EESC

At the EESC plenary on 20 September, the initiators of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) Minority SafePack presented their request, which is aimed at improving the protection of national and linguistic minorities in Europe

The proponents of the 5th successful ECI, represented by Loránt Vincze, thanked the EESC for being the first EU institution to give this successful initiative a platform. 

The initiators of this successful ECI feel that the rights of national and linguistic minorities are not always respected and in many cases the languages and cultures of minorities are even endangered.

In his statement, Mr Vincze also criticised the ECI as an instrument, saying it was excessively complicated and expensive for ordinary citizens. This has also been a major EESC complaint for many years, which has finally convinced the Commission that a revision of this important instrument for citizens' participation at EU level is necessary. This review is currently on its way, with the Commission, Parliament and Council having already launched official consultations.

The organisers have not yet decided when to submit their ECI officially to the Commission. Mr Vincze explained that, since they were not tied to any deadline, they would first explore what the maximum outcome of their initiative could be, by meeting high-level EU decision-makers.

EESC President Luca Jahier, who has made Europe's cultural heritage one of the focuses of his presidency, acknowledged the great success of the initiative, stating that this accomplishment was proof that European citizens could build the future of Europe, provided they worked together and raised their voices in concert (sma).