EESC backs Commission proposals to invest in smart, safe and sustainable mobility

EESC President Luca Jahier and European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc engaged in a lively debate on mobility at the EESC plenary session on 20 September 2018. An appropriate regulatory framework for a well-functioning Single European Transport Area, digitalisation in land transport technology, better interoperability between the various existing electronic road toll systems and investment in clean electricity were at the heart of the debate with EESC members.

The Third Mobility Package was published in May 2018 and finalises the Commission's ambitious agenda for modernising mobility. The EESC will discuss and adopt its opinions on this subject at its October plenary session.

"The EESC carefully followed all the mobility packages and actively contributed to shaping the new policies," stated Mr Jahier. "We are happy to see that the Commission has taken action with the 'Europe on the Move' initiatives for a fundamental modernisation of European mobility and transport. We support the Third Mobility Package. We are joining forces to invest in sustainable, safe and smart mobility".

Ms Bulc highlighted that the three mobility packages reflected the European Commission vision of focusing on decarbonisation, digitalisation, investment and innovation. "Our objective is to have European mobility that is safe, secure, clean, inclusive and efficient," she said, concluding that "in particular, with the Third Mobility Package, our target is safe mobility with zero fatalities, clean mobility with zero pollution and autonomous mobility with zero paper". (mp)