New role models for societies in Europe - Extraordinary meeting of the Diversity Europe Group

by the EESC's Diversity Europe Group

On 12 November, the Diversity Europe Group will host an extraordinary meeting in Brussels at the EESC. The objective of our conference will be to launch the discussion on "New Role Models for Societies in Europe". To explore how to change mind-sets and overcome prejudices.

To begin a dialogue!

Over recent decades, social developments have transformed societies. The most significant of these developments is women's gradual progress towards equality in the workplace.

In parallel, a new sociological landscape has emerged: fewer marriages, later in life, more divorces and separations and a higher proportion of single parent, single gender and blended families. As the EU Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Caregivers enters into the transposition phase in Member States, it is crucial for civil society to engage with national and European policy makers to review work-life balance policies and legislation.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. The inaugural session will be followed by two keynote speeches entitled 'Why equal opportunities between men and women in the workforce are still so elusive' and 'Sharing parenting and family life in the 21st Century: trends, progresses and challenges'.

Further topics will be at the core of our discussions:

  • Societal attitudes to parenting and family life
  • Challenges of the civil and social dialogue
  • Implementation of grassroots solutions
  • Equal opportunities for all: the way forward at the national and European levels

Stay tuned for more information and have a look at our programme here!  (ih)