The EESC from the inside out – Annual Activity Report 2017

Anyone wishing to have a bird's eye view of the EESC's activities and achievements in 2017 should take a look at this brochure - a shorter, condensed version of the EESC's full Annual Activity Report intended for both the general public and the institutions.

Who asked for the EESC's advice in 2017? What issues did the EESC work on? What were its main achievements? Who was who and who did what at the EESC in 2017? How much did it cost to run the EESC? You can find out all this and much more in this light, reader-friendly publication.

Enriched with infographics, visuals and photos, the brochure is available in FR, EN, DE, ES, IT and PL, both in hard copy and on the EESC’s website at:

Print copies can be obtained from: vipceseateesc [dot] europa [dot] eu. (fgr)