María Echevarria, Secretary General of the European Economic and Social Committee ad interim

Since 10 July 2018, following the decision of the EESC Bureau, María Echevarria has been the acting secretary-general of the European Economic and Social Committee, and will remain in the post until the appointment of a new secretary-general.

Before becoming head of the Committee's general affairs directorate on 1 July 2010, María Echevarria worked for the Spanish public administration in Madrid and in Brussels at EU level.

At the Spanish permanent representation to the EU (2006-2010) and the ministry of agriculture and maritime affairs in Madrid (2004-2006) as well as the European Commission (2000-2004), she carried out duties relating to agriculture, fisheries, the environment, maritime affairs, research, health and food safety.

As the mother of a 12 year-old child, for her achieving a work-life balance is a challenge she takes up with enthusiasm. A swimming enthusiast, she also practices yoga and likes walking in nature and travelling by sea. (eh)