2018 Civil Society Prize: applications open throughout the summer

Still time for organisations and individuals engaged in promoting European culture and heritage to apply for the EESC's 2018 Civil Society Prize in a bid to both raise their profile and get a cash injection to fund their future projects.

Potential candidates can apply until 7 September. The prize is intended for civil society organisations and individuals who have been active in:

  • raising awareness of the multiple layers and richness of European identities;
  • harnessing the full potential of Europe's cultural wealth;
  • facilitating access to European cultural heritage; and
  • promoting European values such as respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

A total of EUR 50 000 will be awarded to a maximum of five winners.

The prize is open to all civil society organisations officially registered within the European Union as well as individuals acting at local, national, regional or European level.

The Civil Society Prize, now in its tenth year, was launched by the European Economic and Social Committee to reward and encourage tangible initiatives and achievements by civil society organisations and/or individuals that have made a significant contribution to promoting the common values that bolster European cohesion and integration. In 2017 the prize focused on quality employment and entrepreneurship.

The full list of requirements and the online application form are available here. (dm)