Young African entrepreneurs at the heart of economic and social development

The Africa-EU Economic and Social Stakeholders' Network sees young people in Africa as key actors in Africa's economic and social development. Their annual meeting focused on Africa's young people as a driver of economic development and as the age group most concerned by migration.

Participants pointed out in the final declaration that "the role of civil society in Africa-EU relations is to make a structured, regular contribution to the EU-Africa strategy and to stress the need for them to take part in the proper platforms for addressing recommendations to political bodies with the aim of ensuring good governance and citizen participation".

Young African entrepreneurs from Burkina Faso, Kenya, Swaziland and Madagascar, representing the geographical diversity of Africa, presented their success stories. By doing so, they demonstrated just how energetic and entrepreneurship-minded the young people of Africa are, encouraging and inspiring people across Africa and Europe.  "The economic development is there. We need the tools, not European funds. We need to do better in Africa or we will all come to Europe," said Fahiz Diallo, a young entrepreneur from Burkina Faso, who is running a prefabricated construction business.

The conclusions of the meeting will be sent to the EU and African institutions and political authorities as the contribution of non-state actors to EU-Africa relations.(ks)