Regaining citizens' trust and confidence in the EU

by the EESC's Diversity Europe Group

A structured brainstorming session organised by the EESC's Diversity Europe Group on 20 July encouraged participants to think out of the box and come up with ideas to feed into proposals for the Sibiu Summit on the Future of Europe.

The event was entitled Regaining Citizens’ Trust and Confidence in the EU and raised the following core questions:

  • What should be the EU's overarching/horizontal priorities?
  • How can we regain citizens' trust and confidence: promoting an effective European social policy, combating poverty and social exclusion and defending a just migration system?
  • How can we stimulate balanced economic growth and protect rights?
  • How can we deliver a sustainable environment in partnership?
  • How can we effectively promote and communicate Europe, whilst allaying security concerns and populist fears?
  • What else do Europeans want and how could the EU deliver?

The event kick-started the Group's contribution to the EESC's From Krakow to Sibiu and beyond Roadmap, a project launched by the Enlarged Presidency in Krakow on 11 June, calling on all EESC bodies - the three Groups, the Sections, Observatories and temporary groups -­ to define their priorities for the future of Europe with a view to the Sibiu Summit in March 2019.

The discussion highlighted a variety of ideas related to youth, sustainable development, SMEs, peace, fundamental rights, the liberal professions, new forms of cooperation, rule setting, transparency, social innovation and communication on Europe.

The specific recommendations will be reworked into a full list of priorities in the near future. (ih)