European agriculture should move in the direction of agroecology

The EU needs to place greater emphasis on short supply chains and agroecology in farming in order to preserve its agriculture and make it more resilient to new challenges such as climate change. Agroecology is also a way of securing our food supply and of making our food healthier, thus raising its value. Short supply chains will help smaller farms to increase their income and enliven rural areas.

"Short supply chain initiatives have the potential to create jobs and growth and consequently wealth, particularly in rural areas. The challenge is therefore to empower operators to create local food systems based on local governance. Digitalisation plays - and will also in the future play - a key role, both in production and processing and in buying and selling", explains Geneviève Savigny, rapporteur for the opinion on promoting short and alternative food supply chains in the EU: the role of agroecology.

In order to roll out the agroecology project across Europe, the EESC proposes a structured multifaceted action plan involving regional, national and EU levels. Existing programmes should also be directed towards supporting measures in agroecology and short supply chains.

A comprehensive food policy, which the EESC has been advocating for years and for which it could be a facilitator, could form the framework for the action plan. (sma)