2018 Civil Society Prize on identities, European values and cultural heritage in Europe

Global developments over the past few years have put the European project to the test. Internal divisions, feelings of disaffection among citizens and a dramatic increase in migration have found populations and all levels of government unprepared, giving rise to nationalist rhetoric and straining mutual solidarity. Against this backdrop, civil society organisations have played a key role in bringing the potential of Europe's cultural heritage to the fore, strengthening identities and societies, and promoting the vast potential of diversity, which is the basis of our European history.

The EESC Civil Society Prize 2018 wishes to reward innovative initiatives which have made a significant contribution to taking on the challenges of:

  • raising awareness of the multiple layers and richness of European identities;
  • exploiting the full potential of Europe's cultural wealth;
  • facilitating access to European cultural heritage; and
  • promoting European values such as respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law.

A total of EUR 50 000 will be awarded, to be shared among a maximum of five winners. The deadline for applications is 7 September 2018 and the award ceremony will take place on 13 December 2018 in Brussels. The EESC Civil Society Prize is open to all civil society organisations officially registered within the European Union and acting at local, national, regional or European level. It is also open to individuals.

The full list of requirements and the online application form are available here. (ll)