Coronavirus response: EESC calls for swift approval of EU recovery plan

The EU must do more for the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and do it quickly, showing solidarity and an ambitious vision for the future of Europe. In three opinions adopted at the July plenary session and a position paper, the Committee throws its support behind and calls for the swift approval of the recovery proposals put forward by the European Commission, including the revised 2021-2027 EU budget.

In particular, in order to revive the European economy as soon as possible, the opinion drafted by Petru Sorin Dandea, Tommaso Di Fazio and Petr Zahradník backs the Commission's Next Generation EU initiative, as a specific tool for prompt and effective action. With reference to cohesion policy, the EESC supports the Commission's REACT-EU initiative and, in the position paper put together by Antonello Pezzini, recommends eliminating all possible and unnecessary administrative barriers and burdens, in both national and European public administrations, and immediately pre‑financing the Member States with at least 70% of the resources for the year 2020.

With a view to supporting the green and digital transitions, the opinion drafted by Dimitris Dimitriadis backs the Commission's proposals to promote the EU's economic, social and territorial cohesion in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis by providing direct large-scale financial support to Member States for public investment and reforms. Finally, in the opinion by Ronny Lannoo, the EESC welcomes the proposed strengthening of the InvestEU programme and the creation of the complementary Solvency Support Instrument to help companies in the recovery stage. (mp)