More women in EESC leadership roles

From the two vice-presidents to the new heads of the social affairs and consumer affairs sections to the President's team, the EESC's new leadership features many women.

In addition to having two female vice-presidents at the same time for the first time in its history, the EESC now has several women in other key positions. Among them:

  • Austrian member Christa Schweng from the Employers' Group heads the section covering social affairs (SOC), one of the Committee's main policy areas.
  • Swedish member Ariane Rodert from the Diversity Europe Group is at the helm of the section dealing with internal market and consumer issues (INT).

They join Bulgarian member Dilyana Slavova (Diversity Europe Group) and Czech member Lucie Studničná (Workers' Group), who have been leading the External Relations (REX) section and the Consultative Commission for Industrial Change (CCMI) respectively since the beginning of the current term of office (2015-2020), while Germany's Gabriele Bischoff stays on as president of the Workers' Group.

The President's team is made up mostly of women, including head of cabinet Alicja Magdalena Herbowska, spokesperson Daniela Vincenti, international relations adviser Daniela Rondinelli and culture and youth expert Katherine Heid, together with several other supporting staff.

"A year before the European elections, we need to listen to the people of our continent. Half of them think there should be more women in political decision-making positions, with seven out of ten in favour of legal measures to ensure parity between men and women in politics. It is time to break the glass ceiling. Many talk about it - I have decided to do it. We must practise what we preach," says President Luca Jahier in his blog.

To learn more, visit the President's blog. (dm)