"Grand Départ" for clean mobility

On 3 July 2019 the EESC will welcome Alberto Toscano, journalist and author of the book "A bike against Nazi barbarism, the incredible destiny of the champion Gino Bartali", to a debate on clean mobility. Italian cycling champion Gino Bartali was an extraordinary man, a discreet hero who saved hundreds of Italian Jews during the Holocaust. The meeting is being organised by the Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and Information Society (TEN) section of the EESC to mark the "Grand Départ" from Brussels of the 2019 Tour de France (7 July 2019). The aim is to honour not only sport and an environmentally friendly mode of transport, but also human values.

For Pierre Jean Coulon, president of the TEN Section, it is important for people to change their habits - shifting from individual to collective forms of transport (public transport, carpooling, etc.) - and for political authorities to facilitate this shift (for example, by making it more affordable). EESC members and representatives of the cities of Paris and Brussels, the European Commission and the European Parliament will be among those participating in the debate. (ab)