Council to host EESC exhibition ''The EU speaks your language''

poster EU speaks your language

The Council of the EU will display in its premises the exhibition The EU speaks your language, originally shown at the EESC in September 2018 to mark the 60th anniversary of the first legal act enshrining multilingualism in the EU.

The EU speaks your language was produced by the EESC and launched in September 2018 on the 60th anniversary of regulation 1/1958 entering into force.

The EU speaks your language is now at its fifth rerun. Conceived as a travelling exhibition, it illustrates the key role of translation in safeguarding the supreme goals of diversity, equal opportunities and democratic legitimisation. Designed as a tribute to a multilingual Europe with expert input from the joint translation services of the EESC and the Committee of the regions, it travels back in time to 1958, highlighting its historical significance of that first legal act whilst featuring a modern approach to what it essentially symbolises.

The EU speaks your language, Council of the EU (Language Library, LEX building), 5 June to 31 October. (cc)