Interests of EU citizens cannot be forgotten when developing new forms of mobility


The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) urges the Commission to be more rigorous in facilitating consumer access to new, cleaner and affordable forms of mobility, and to introduce stronger financial support for public transport. The Committee's opinion on Achieving low emission targets, adopted at last week's plenary session, discussed the Commission proposal on how to effectively reduce the gas emissions produced by road transport.

The EESC draws attention to the general, technology-neutral approach set by the Commission, an approach which according to rapporteur Ulrich Samm is not followed fully in the proposed initiatives. A more flexible approach rather than, for example, fixed emission thresholds or procurement targets, is therefore recommended. The EESC also points out that in addition to its focus on new technologies such as electric cars, the Commission should consider the considerable potential for improvements in the existing fleet. (ia)