EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform concerned about low-pay trends in Ukraine

The EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (CSP) urges Kiev to implement more consistent reforms in various sectors and to give absolute priority to the issues of low wages and poverty. These issues were addressed at the 6th CSP meeting in Brussels, where members of the platform discussed how implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was progressing, the role pay levels play in reducing poverty and their impact on labour migration, and climate change.

The CSP expressed its satisfaction with the new Action Plan to implement the Association Agreement adopted by the Ukrainian government. However, it acknowledged that consistent implementation of reforms was needed in various areas. The CSP also noted that, despite the commitments given, negative trends concerning low wage levels had worsened in Ukraine. The CSP urged Ukraine to withdraw the provisions of the Anti-Corruption Law. In their joint declaration, the EU-Ukraine Civil Society also denounced the illegal elections held in Crimea in March 2018.(ia)