Jordan is key partner for stability of EU neighbourhood

A delegation from the European Economic and Social Committee met local civil society representatives and government officials in Amman on 26 and 27 March. The discussions during the visit focused on the difficulties faced by the country due to the lack of stability in the region. The EESC delegation acknowledged the need for international support and detailed measures, as over the past few years the country has developed a comprehensive approach to the massive influx of refugees, mostly fleeing the war in Syria.

In their various meetings, EESC members expressed the hope that the appointment of the members of Jordan's Economic and Social Council could proceed as soon as possible in order to form a representative institution composed of employers, trade unions and civil society representatives. The EESC delegation underlined the importance of the role of the Jordanian ESC and of consulting organised civil society in the political process to find inclusive and sustainable solutions for the issues the country has to deal with.(sg)