EESC and French Economic, Social and Environmental Council together for broad participation in the European elections

Plenary session March 2019 - day 22 - bilateral meeting - presidents Jahier and Bernasconi

"We must reinvent Europe with enthusiasm and projects that are close to the people", said Presidents Patrick Bernasconi and Luca Jahier at the EESC March plenary session.

"We must join forces for the future of Europe and we need to mobilise civil society at all levels, in view of the European elections. They demand, more than ever, our vigilance and commitment." Pointing out that cooperation between all institutions was key, Mr Jahier reiterated the unflinching support of European civil society for the European project, its values and its achievements.

Mr Bernasconi was on the same page, echoing the words of the EESC president and underlining that the Committees must serve as an intermediary between society and political power. Highlighting his vision of the role of civil society on the eve of the European elections, he maintained that it was essential to regain lost ground and to stand shoulder to shoulder. (mp)