Diversity Europe Group discusses civil society's role in upholding Europe's shared values

By the EESC's Diversity Europe Group

On 7 May the EESC’s Diversity Europe Group will hold its next extraordinary meeting in Bucharest. This high level conference will take place in the Atrium of the National Library, and its topic will be A Europe of Shared Values and Civil Society. 

Only two days before the EU Summit in Sibiu on the Future of the EU, the conference will address three fundamental dimensions from the perspective of European civil society:

  • Guaranteeing European values and fundamental rights
  • The changing role of European civil society
  • The future of the EU

Around 140 participants are expected, including EESC members from all EU Member States, as well as Romanian civil society organisations, representatives of academia, and representatives of the Presidency of the Romanian Council of the EU.

The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU identified a 'Europe of common values' as one of its priorities. The Diversity Europe Group fully supports this objective, which complements the considerable work already carried out on this topic by our Group and the EESC at large.

Discussing how to protect democracy and its values, how to communicate and explain the benefits of EU membership and how civil society can shape the Europe of tomorrow is at the core of our activities. (ih)