In the students' own words

EESC Info interviewed the students who came up with the winning proposals while they were still in the making. In these video interviews the students make the case for their ideas.


First winning proposal

The first winning proposal came from a group of students who believed that travelling and learning languages could help us appreciate each other's cultures and make us all proud to be European. "Language definitely separates us, but it can also bind us and bring us all together", said Georgina from Cyprus, presenting her group's idea The opportunity of discovering other cultures through travelling. Click on the video to find out more about their project.

Second winning proposal

The idea behind the European House of Cuisine was to celebrate and share European cultures to encourage tolerance among European nations. "This would include the support of migrants, who can contribute with their skills to our multicultural society. We want them to feel welcome and not ashamed", explained Zala. Check out the video interview to learn more about the proposal Preserve culture, learn from the past and use it to build the future.

Third winning proposal

Progress, accessibility and inclusivity were the key words for the last winning group, who combined experimentation and knowledge in support of European cultural heritage. "We believe it is time now to find an alternative to either closing in on ourselves, guarding our identity or losing it completely in a uniform kind of culture", explained Chanaé from France. Listen to her words to better understand what the project Experiment with culture aimed to achieve.