The Grassroots View – Episode 3: Getting tough on gender violence

Home is the least safe place for every third woman in the EU. Every day, some 12 European women die as victims of gender-based violence. Although the rates may be higher in some parts of Europe than in others, women are safe in none.

Our guest is Croatian actress and screenwriter, Jelena Veljača, who, enraged by a gruesome act of domestic violence that shook the country, last year wrote an angry Facebook post with a hashtag "#spasime" ("save me") which snowballed into a national cry for justice for women and girls. The #spasime movement has become a vivid example of the power of civil society to bring about changes and to push lawmakers to act. Croatian EESC member Marina Škrabalo, tells us about the importance of the Istanbul Convention and the EESC's take on the matter, while VoxEurop editor-in-chief Catherine André talks about the absence of unanimous support for the Convention despite the chilling statistics. (ll)