Creative Europe 2021-2027: EESC calls for budget increase and special promotion under Horizon 2020

The creative sector in Europe has great potential, but needs more support to fully develop and become a serious competitive player on the world market.  Other branches, including the textile, tourism, automotive, construction and health industries, would also benefit from an ambitious cultural and creative sector. 

"Given all the important stakes the sector stands for – maintaining our cultural heritage, promoting our values, revitalisation, innovation, entertainment, and sustainable jobs and growth - the proposed budget of EUR 1.85 billion is far too low", argues Ms Butaud-Stubbs, rapporteur of the EESC opinion on the Commission proposal for the Creative Europe programme 2021-2027.

"The digital revolution offers new opportunities provided we invest time in education, software and equipment", adds co-rapporteur Zbigniew Kotowski. The EESC is calling for a specific budget under the Horizon 2020 programme to tap into the huge innovation potential of the branches of the creative industry.

Other EESC proposals include:

  • a clear EU strategy for the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) for both the single market and external policy to increase competitiveness;
  • an independent quantitative and qualitative study on the effects of the major mergers in the US audio-visual sector on the European market;    
  • an increase of EUR 80 million for the cross-sectoral strand to help Creative Europe desks promote the programme in their country and work for a free, diverse and pluralistic media landscape, quality journalism and media literacy. (sma)