EESC backs creation of European centre for cybersecurity

The EESC supports the Commission's initiative to create a European industrial, technological and research competence centre for cybersecurity and a network of national coordination centres. The objective is to help the Union develop technological and industrial cybersecurity capacities and increase the competitiveness of the Union's cybersecurity industry.

In an opinion adopted at the January plenary session and put together by Antonio Longo and Alberto Mazzola, the EESC underlines that the Commission's proposal is an important step towards developing an industrial strategy for cybersecurity and a strategic move to achieve robust and comprehensive digital autonomy. These aspects are essential for strengthening Europe's defence mechanisms against the ongoing cyberwarfare that threatens to undermine political, economic and social systems.

"Our society as a whole is affected. In just ten years, we have seen an exponential increase in cyberattacks around the world from 800 000 to 8 million," highlighted Mr Longo. "We support the Commission's initiative aimed at setting up a centre of competence to coordinate the national centres and to act as a reference point for the cybersecurity community," he said.

A public-private partnership on cybersecurity is a cornerstone of the strategy. "We are in favour of extending the partnership to include industry, on the basis of firm commitments on the scientific and investment fronts. We advocate a tripartite approach involving the European Commission, Member States and companies," added Mr Mazzola. "We also have to leave the door open to non-EU businesses which are willing to meet the EU's conditions to take part," he concluded. (mp)