EESC divided on posting of workers in transport. Employers' Group against the EESC opinion

By  the EESC's Employers' Group

The Employers' Group did not support the EESC Opinion on driving and rest time periods, working time and posting of workers. For the Group, the opinion did not sufficiently reflect differences in views at the Committee concerning the Commission's proposal on the posting of workers

"Applying posting rules to international road transport is about protectionism and limiting freedom of movement. Unfortunately the document the EESC adopted does not reflect these negative consequences. The EU single market is being seriously compromised and thousands of SMEs operating in the transport sector across Europe will suffer" said Jacek P. Krawczyk, president of the Employers' Group.

During the debate, members of the Employers' Group highlighted numerous inconsistencies in the Commission's proposal on the posting of drivers. Without proper infrastructure, stricter rules would be counterproductive and would not improve working conditions.

Members underlined that the proposed rules will create uncertainty and additional paperwork both for drivers and for companies. They drew attention to imprecise definitions in the legislation, which might lead to absurd situations.

The group tabled a number of amendments to the opinion, but they did not gain the support of the rapporteur and a majority of EESC Members. The opinion was adopted on 18 January 2018, during the EESC plenary session, with 193 votes for, 89 against and 17 abstentions.(lj)