The EESC stands firmly behind the priorities of the first Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

"The success of the Presidency does not depend on the size of the country – it is driven by the political will to push for policies that are crucial for the future of Europe", said EESC President Georges Dassis in his welcome speech to the Bulgarian Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Policy, Zornitsa Roussinova, at the EESC plenary session in January. Ms Roussinova presented to EESC members the four priorities of the Bulgarian Presidency:

  • the future of Europe and young people;
  • the European perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans;
  • security and stability in a strong and united Europe;
  • the digital economy and digital skills for the future.

She also outlined the main topics that the Bulgarian Presidency would focus on over the next six months in the field of social policy and employment:

  • the future of work;
  • strengthening the social dimension of Europe;
  • early childhood development policies;
  • equal rights for people with disabilities.

"We are very eager to read the exploratory opinions that the EESC will provide in response to our requests," said Ms Roussinova. (sg)

On the photo: Zornitsa Roussinova, Bulgarian Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Policy, and Georges Dassis, EESC President