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EESC honours champions of EU values

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The awarding of the civil society prize each year is an important moment not only for the European Economic and Social Committee, which hands out the award, but also for all of the civil society organisations which, through their work, contribute to enhancing community spirit in Europe. Indeed, the award sees European civil society in all its diversity and richness symbolically called on to the stage and into the spotlight.

New publications

Civil Society Prize brochure

The EESC has published a brochure showcasing the five winning projects and providing background information about the Civil Society Prize in general.


German organisation Danube-Networkers for Europe crowned winner of EESC Civil Society Prize 2018

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) awarded on 13 December five civil society organisations for their outstanding projects that reassert European values, celebrate the diversity of Europe's many identities and promote cultural heritage as a way of bringing Europeans together again.

Tastes of Danube - Breaking bread to break barriers

If you wish to bring European people closer to the idea of a united and peaceful Europe, you need to involve ordinary people, says Eva Hrabal from the winning organisation.


Women who fly with the SWANS

The organisation that helps disadvantaged women of talent access high-quality education to improve their chances of having a fulfilling career will use the prize money to reach out to more potentially high-flying women, says SWANS' Martha Dudzinski.

Aria Nuova: cultural heritage for social inclusion

Through its Ecomuseo project, the cooperative Aria Nuova helps people with mental disabilities to experience cultural heritage, asserting that the right to culture is universal. By enabling them to access heritage sites and later to express their aesthetic experiences in participatory laboratories, the initiative reduces their sense of isolation. The prize sends a meaningful signal of inclusion and solidarity, both to civil society in general and to the world of disability in particular, says Aria Nuova's Vincenzo Griffo.

Balkans Beyond Borders: unleashing the power of youth creativity to heal the wounds of war

By bringing together young people from across the Balkans to share in each other's cultures through its film festival, Balkans Beyond Borders is looking to overcome the region's turbulent past. For if something is going to change, it will be changed by - and for the benefit of – youth, says BBB's Veroniki Krikoni.

Safe Passage: keeping the culture of human rights alive

The British organisation fighting to offer child refugees safe and legal routes to the UK will use its prize money to help achieve its objective of resettling 10 000 children over 10 years, explains Charlotte Morris, the organisation's head of communications and development, to EESC Info.