EESC and European Parliament to team up to boost participation in European elections

EESC and European Parliament presidents Luca Jahier and Antonio Tajani have signed a joint declaration in which the two institutions undertake to carry out a number of joint activities to raise awareness of and encourage participation in the 2019 European elections. 

At the signature ceremony, Luca Jahier said: "I am very happy to work together with President Tajani to reassert the moral foundations of our model of democracy. ThisTimeImVoting, yes, but for us at the EESC it's also ThisTimeImActing".

General communication: three major awareness campaigns will be run; EESC members will play an active role in the election campaign, with a particular focus on social media.

Events and conferences: all major activities organised by the EESC will include awareness raising on the elections, in particular the EESC Citizens' Convention to be held in Brussels in early 2019.

Youth: Your Europe, Your Say (YEYS) 2019, which marks the event's 10th anniversary, will focus on youth participation in the European elections, and President Jahier and President Tajani will open the event in March.

Press work: the EESC and the Parliament will cooperate on national and local distribution channels and seek coverage and promotion of selected local actions in the Member States. (dgf)