Advantages of a Digital Society, by the EESC's Employers' Group

A digital society is not simply a nice thing to have; it is the only thing to have – this was one of the conclusions of the conference on the Advantages of a digital society, organised by the Employers' Group, which took place on 25 October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. The participants discussed various aspects of e-society and the Digital Single Market. Cyber security, societal trust, the free flow of data, the further development of infrastructure and getting rid of barriers hindering the Digital Single Market were just a few of the issues raised.

Digitalisation is already changing the way we operate our businesses. The revolution is here and everyone can benefit from it, underlined Jacek P. Krawczyk, president of the Employers' Group, in his welcome speech.

New business models come with a new mindset, said Kadri Simson, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, in her keynote address. It is crucial to see digitalisation as an opportunity, not as a threat. Legislation should help companies grow, rather than create new barriers.

The conference was organised jointly by the Employers' Group, the Estonian presidency of the Council of the EU, the Estonian Employers' Confederation and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (lj)